Embracing Envano’s Culture: My Story

By Nicole Ekström, Digital Marketing Strategist

Published: July 26, 2017

Can I let my guard down? Can I trust this? Can I try it?

I came to Envano with some corporate baggage. When Ruth and David, the CFO and CEO of Envano, explained their flat organization, I was worried about whether or not I would be able to pursue everything I wanted out of my career here. I was neither used to, nor did I understand what a flat culture was or the beauty of it.

Breaking Free

I spent my first six months at Envano trying to embrace the concept of a flat organization and what it means for my career. I had great bosses and mentors at my last two jobs who made me believe that I was able to accomplish anything I desired. But I also believed in climbing the corporate ladder to get there. Envano changed that. After six months, the flat culture that Ruth and David had described became my reality.

Envano works because of a team that believes in the power of a flat organization. If you can embrace our culture, you will thrive. Other companies I worked for touted an open door policy — my bosses and now mentors lived that out, but the rest of the company struggled to embody that. They listened to your thoughts, but they didn’t really want to do anything with them. Here, we have personality tests that paint a nearly perfect picture of your motivations, talents, behavior and personality. This culture is so open that we understand our team even beyond these walls. Envano’s mindset is: now that we know you, how can we help you?

Within These Walls

If you fully embrace the culture at Envano, the possibilities to grow your career are endless. Envano is open to listening to what I want to do next and exploring how I can conquer that here. That allows me to grow my career within these walls rather than leaving to pursue my dreams. Even if I don’t know what that next role is, my team is receptive to listening to what I want to do and how to accommodate that. Just because a position doesn’t exist yet, doesn’t mean that it can’t in the future.

Workplace Mentality

The typical corporate mentality of “it’s always been done that way” is something Envano challenges every day. When Envano tells you that they genuinely care about you and are making an investment in you — they stand behind it. In most workplaces, efforts are made to allow employees to grow, but often time these are put on hold due to unnecessary steps to pursue the career you really want. Here, everyone goes out of their way to encourage you and help you succeed.

You have to live in this culture to truly understand and appreciate it. Once you appreciate it, you can grow your career in any direction. I am proof of this.

So can I let my guard down at Envano?


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