What It’s Like To Start Your Career at Envano

By Alec Fischer, Digital Project Manager

Published: January 21, 2021

How many times have you heard the phrase,

“Nobody likes their first job out of college?”

I could probably give you ten examples from this year alone.

All it takes is a gander at the PEW research findings on how Americans view their jobs to confirm that bias. Nearly a third of all workers view their occupation as “just a job to get them by” rather than a career or stepping stone toward a career, which is intimidating when you’re about to join the workforce.

But now that I have a few months under my belt, I can say with confidence that Envano is not one of those jobs. Envano has been the perfect place for me to start my career. Here’s why.

1. Envano encourages growth and success

As cliche as it sounds, people truly want to see you succeed here. I often think of a quote I heard in the interview process that embodies this idea: 

Black and white photo of Ruth Sauter, Envano's CFO

“I love seeing our people succeed. It’s exciting to see them develop in their role and grow as people, whether that be taking on new responsibilities, getting a promotion, or even getting married or buying a new car.” — Ruth Sauter, CFO

While I haven’t gotten married or purchased a new car, I’ve definitely grown as a person and taken on more responsibilities than I would have guessed. Even with the awkwardness of starting remotely, my coworkers have graciously offered me the training, guidance and advice I need to succeed. 

2. The team is dynamic and fun

The crew here is unique, and there’s really no better way to describe it. Being as diverse in experience as we are, everyone brings something different and useful to the table. Whether that be a skill, hobby, meme or even the latest Netflix suggestion, there’s always someone with something to contribute. Likewise, it’s one of the first places I’ve worked where people genuinely enjoy what they do.

3. Flat organization lends itself to creative freedom

There’s no such thing as micromanagement in our neck of the woods. Being a flat organization, Envano has eliminated the hierarchy between leadership and the rest of the team. This allows for open dialogue between departments and encourages people to run with their ideas. The following quote illustrates this nicely:

Black and white photo of Loy Vang, Envano's Senior Designer

“One of the first things I learned at Envano is if you want to see something done you have the freedom to do it yourself. The team is happy to give you recommendations and advice, but the ability to put it into action is yours.” — Loy Vang, Senior Designer

4. The workload is balanced 

There are people who start new jobs and are immediately thrown to the wolves. There are also people who start new jobs and wait a year before touching work with any degree of importance. Envano has offered me a happy medium. While my first months included lots of onboarding and learning how to work from home, I was still given a healthy share of client work too. 

Ok, buddy, let’s hear about the nitty-gritty details …

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Ok, so Envano seems like a decent place to work, but what does Alec do in his role as a digital storyteller?” Since accepting the offer, I’ve found myself doing a wide variety of interesting stuff. To be more specific, I do research, write ad copy and blog posts, create and plan social content, attend meetings, brainstorm and monitor trends. The list goes on, but I figured that does a good job of encompassing the “broader details.”

Bringing it full circle

I don’t consider myself lucky to have a job right out of college. Rather, I consider myself lucky to have this job right out of college. The fact that I enjoy what I’m doing motivates me to learn more, which is refreshing. Envano continues to blow my expectations away in terms of what they offer beyond a paycheck, and I can’t ask for much more than that. 

Want to learn more about what goes on around here? Looking to start your career at Envano? Fill out our contact form and let’s chat!