3 Things I Love About My First Job After College

By Anne Hareid, Digital Marketing Analyst

Published: October 5, 2020

When I imagined life after college, I never expected my digital marketing career would begin during a global pandemic. But every day has been a learning experience as I adjust to (mostly) working from home and settling into my role as a digital media specialist. I’ve only been here for a couple of months, but there are so many things I love about being part of the Envano team. 

1. The work I do

Because of my love for digital marketing, this is more than a job for me. Whether I’m learning how to use SEMrush or Google Ads, not one day is the same. I’ve never worked at an agency before Envano and realized right away how different it was from being an in-house intern. The biggest change for me was the variety of projects across different industries, which has helped me figure out what I like and where I excel. During my first month, I have already learned so much about SEO, digital advertising and social media. (And I can’t wait to learn more!)

2. The people I work with

Even though I have met most of my coworkers through Zoom or other video conferencing tools, I knew right away that I stumbled upon a collaborative and passionate group of people. The kind of people you can ask questions and turn to for support. They’re also huge supporters of having fun. During my first party planning committee meeting, we discussed and voted on next month’s virtual event. (Pictionary anyone?) Some of my coworkers even have side projects that involve photography or 3D rendering, which let them express their creativity and expand their skill set.

3. The meaningful impact it makes

During the onboarding process, I learned more about Envano, my role and how it makes a difference in the world. The firm’s mission of “helping brands come to life online and finding value in the digital world” is something I stand by. I also learned a lot about its core philosophies and books. My two favorites are Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Simon Sinek’s Find Your Why. They taught me how to find meaning and bring it to life through my career at Envano. Because I’m able to work at a place that shares the same values as me, I’m happy and fulfilled. I can’t wait to see where my digital marketing career at Envano takes me next!

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