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Make an Impact with Branded Mobile Tools

Few technologies have transformed human behavior as quickly as mobile. In fact, mobility is no longer just considered pervasive, it is now the first point of contact between individuals and organizations, with 91% of users keeping their mobile device within arms’ reach 100% of the time.

When it comes to compelling numbers, it doesn’t get much better than that; which is why it’s important to have your mobile strategy locked down and in line with your overall business strategy.

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Building a Winning Strategy

The core to a winning mobile strategy is this: Start with a problem, don’t just create an app or mobile website for the sake of being in the app store. It’s not simply about having a presence in the store – your app or any mobile initiative needs to actually provide some sort of value for your audience.

Armed with the opportunity to develop and launch branded mobile applications, Envano has helped many customers building mobile tools that are useful to the brand and to the end user, the customer. For many of our manufacturers, the goal of a mobile app is to create a tool that gets the job done faster, better – for the company and for their operators – while remaining trackable and offering a channel for new leads.

Helping Our Customers Go Mobile

Our experience in mobile app development has translated to some pretty valuable mobile tools for our customers.

A few years ago, Miller Electric sought a way to quickly engage customers in the mobile space. Envano envisioned the transformation of Miller’s popular online welding calculators into a mobile-friendly version to help customers in the field tune their welding machines for optimal results. Envano then built the highly-rated Weld Settings Calculator App for multiple mobile devices, including iPhone and Android. Results in the first five weeks after launch in the iPhone app store include 3600+ downloads and a 4.5 star rating, easily surpassing the industry standard of 1,000 or less downloads for the majority of apps available.

On a similar note, Vermeer looked to Envano in efforts to build loyalty and engagement with their audiences by humanizing their brand message and serving a rapidly growing mobile audience. With an audience centric approach in mind, Envano envisioned and launched a fleet of mobile apps. The mobile product catalog mobilized Vermeer’s entire product line without the need to rebuild the website. This move caters to the ever-growing audience that connects with Vermeer via mobile thereby increasing connections and customer loyalty with localized Vermeer dealers.