Aprilaire – Making Climate Control Sexy

Content Marketing

Tablet View of Aprilaire

There are few climates in the world where humidity — either too much or too little — isn’t a factor. The birthplace of Aprilaire in Madison, WI isn’t one of them.

In 1954, Research Products Corporation solved an irritant of cold winters and humid summers when they manufactured the first whole-home humidifier, later branded Aprilaire. In its journey from luxury to a staple appliance, much has changed, including avenues to market the product. But the quest to improve air quality for hundreds of thousands of homeowners remains.

The Challenge

Can you make whole-home humidification sexy? That was the question that led to an adventure in storytelling with Aprilaire. And it turns out you can … with the right strategy.

After learning more about the benefits of a properly humidified home, we knew we had something to work with. After all, would you say health is sexy? Of course! How about energy savings? We think so. And preserving your home’s hardwood floors, furniture and electronics? Darn right.

Aprilaire Laptop Website View

The Solution

In order to build trust and relationships among current and prospective customers, a content strategy was launched that focused on the real concerns of this audience — the home and the health of its occupants.

Starting with persona development, we collaborated with the Aprilaire team to plan and execute a plan that included educational blog posts, landing pages to circumvent the then-non-responsive website, social media posts, digital advertising, A/B testing and assistance facilitating the conversations taking place online.

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The Results

As a result of our partnership, the Aprilaire brand experienced growth within the community of target personas.

Together we established a richer content asset library, and surfaced insights that helped drive change within other areas of the brand, such as the website.

Example of Flyer

Do you know what’s sexy, besides humidifiers? Collaboration.

True collaboration allowed us to fulfill our partners’ needs to cultivate a strong market presence, then hand over a bouncing baby content program — complete with audience targeting, message and budget strategy — to be nurtured and raised by an internal team. And we couldn’t be prouder of the customer engagement engine it’s becoming.