Festival Foods

Recruiting Campaign

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Festival Foods associates are guided by 27 Boomerang Basics that create a friendly in-store experience for guests. It’s these welcoming associates who are trained to greet guests when they’re within ten — yes, ten — floor tiles. Each store is staffed with a team of servant leaders that are passionate about their work, the industry and guest satisfaction.
With such a welcoming, people-first culture and plenty of opportunities for career development, it should be easy for Festival Foods to fill their open positions. After all, who wouldn’t want to work there? Unfortunately, a challenging job market made it difficult for Festival Foods to fill their roles. As such, we partnered to find the right (and qualified) candidates for their open positions.

The Challenge

How do we fill our open positions with candidates that align with our culture, values and mission?

Festival Foods operated with a traditional “post and pray” approach to hiring — identify open positions, post them on the Careers page, and wait for the applications to roll in. Sounds simple enough, right? Sadly, it wasn’t that easy. In an increasingly competitive job market where candidates were already scarce, they weren’t receiving the volume of applications they needed to fill positions at their stores. Additionally, they struggled to find candidates who were qualified to fill the roles needed to maintain their exceptional in-store experience.

The Solution

To help them fill their open positions with qualified candidates, we challenged Festival Foods to pivot their recruiting mindset away from “post and pray” and towards a digital-first approach. We encouraged them to try new hiring strategies that put their prospective candidates first.

With this refreshed mindset, we leveraged lead generation Facebook ads to help Festival Foods fill open positions for their new stores. This included a form with three questions to improve quality and intent of candidates.

Festival Foods Facebook Ads
Festival Foods Employee

Through these lead generation ads, we put the focus on the applicant and their overall experience.

By inviting applicants to see if Festival Foods was a good fit, they had a more welcoming experience that sparked curiosity in what awaited them in a career at Festival Foods. It also enabled Festival Foods to attract candidates that were truly qualified and passionate about their industry.

The Result

Through our partnership, we made it easier for people to apply, while also ensuring they received candidates that were qualified for each role.

By advertising on social media, Festival Foods expanded their focus into markets they traditionally wouldn’t reach through organic posts. Ultimately, they helped qualified candidates find a great place to work. That’s what we call a win-win.

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