U.S. AutoForce – Driving Creative for Automotive Brand


iMac Desktop View of U.S. AutoForce

A division of U.S. Venture — a leader in the distribution of petroleum and renewable energy products — U.S. AutoForce distributes tires, undercar parts and lubricants throughout the United States.

Realizing their web presence had not kept pace with their on-point physical customer experience, U.S. AutoForce sought a partner to help re-establish that alignment.

The Challenge

Working alongside the U.S. Venture marketing team, we plotted a path to breathe new life into U.S. AutoForce’s website. Of course this journey would include fresh designs, but a true creative solution accounts for much more.

Our main focus of the redesign was the overall user experience (UX). Keeping in mind that a large amount of traffic is existing customers looking to place orders through an online portal, it was imperative that the new design provide a level of familiarity to avoid frustrating users.

U.S. AutoForce Original Website

The Solution

Focusing on UX, we designed and developed a modern and mobile friendly website that aligned with U.S. AutoForce’s overall customer experience.

Incorporating small details, such as maintaining the location of the online ordering portal login and adding subtle animations to catch the user’s eye, helped visitors navigate the new space. We also made sure that any tools customers might utilize to save login credentials continued to function normally when the updated site launched.

Smart Phone visuals of U.S. AutoForce website

The Portal Login

U.S. AutoForce online ordering website section Desktop Visual of U.S. AutoForce website

The Results

U.S. AutoForce successfully launched a refreshed website that showcases a better digital brand experience with easy-to-login functionality. And the number of customer logins continues to grow.

But customers aren’t the only ones who took notice. Realizing the corporate and other divisional websites were suddenly feeling out of alignment, the U.S. Venture team continues to partner with us on opportunities to enhance these and other digital spaces with new and innovative creative solutions.

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U.S. AutoForce Old Website Screenshot U.S. AutoForce New Website Screenshot