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Bringing Your Brand To Life Online

We hear it consistently. At times, it is difficult to create a compelling, engaging and unique branded experience online. It’s easy to stick with the traditional ways of doing business and sharing a brand story – via television, radio, print – because for years it was all we knew.

Today, customers need and expect an integrated brand experience, bringing together your brand story as its told offline to the web. Although every brand’s personality is different and customer expectations unique, one thing rings true across the board – an integrated physical and digital ecosystem is key to bringing your overall brand to life.


What’s The Value?

In a lot of ways, people don’t buy products anymore – they buy into your business’s story. That means companies must constantly refine their stories and present them in unique ways.

Though seemingly simple questions, developing a compelling story – one that engages and spurs actions like top of mind recall in purchase situations – can prove difficult for many. When it comes down to it, start by rethinking exactly what you are selling. With so many products out there and so much noise, it’s your story that can really differentiate you. Careful attention to how you tell that story and how you showcase it can make all the difference.

We Are ‘Equipped To Do More’

In 2014, Envano was called in to transition Vermeer’s brand promise and traditional methods of communication to an integrated online experience – bringing it to life. With several other creative firms working to develop the overall brand campaign, none seemed to provide the strategy and experience needed to take the traditional billboards and print and turn them into digital conversations and communities.

The strategic planning quickly began. Vermeer is “Equipped To Do More.” But what is more? “More” can be defined by Vermeer using stats and stories, but an even more powerful way of defining “More” is to let fans and customers define what it means to them. Testimonials, polls, and social media comments are brought together in a micro-site (www.EquippedToDoMore.com) that embodies “Equipped To Do More,” all will creatively telling Vermeer’s unique story.

With more effort placed on connecting with people in target industries around the world, the new site unites all the communication channels under the central theme of “Equipped To Do More.”

Using some of the latest design and development tools, EquippedToDoMore.com now acts as an extension of the brand online to niche demographics, while creating a community that brings together the diverse stories in more than five industries of all Vermeer customers.