Endries – Aligning Brand Identity With Reputation Branding

Endries Style Guide

Endries International, Inc. is a major distributor of fasteners with over 50 years in business, known for the quality of their products and services. As leaders in a dynamic industry, they are committed to evolving with their ever-changing field to meet the needs of their customers.

It was time for another evolution when Endries needed to align their brand identity with their reputation.

The Challenge

Envano was initially hired to create the PULSE microsite for Endries. However, when we started compiling design and content assets to create the site, we quickly realized that Endries did not have guidelines for branding or content. From web presence to print, their branding was inconsistent.

We also discovered that their copy was too technical. Throughout their website they used jargon that only manufacturers would understand, limiting accessibility for the average customer.

The Solution

At Envano, we take a big picture approach when it comes to customer experience.

Our goal is to ensure our clients offer the same customer experience digitally as they do physically. With a fantastic company like Endries, our aim was to create an on-brand microsite that captured their excellence and translated their customer's physical experience to digital.

When we started on the microsite, we treated it with as much care as a standard website build.

We created mini brand and content guides to ensure consistent results, and we made sure the colors, typography, graphics and product shots were cohesive and reflective of Endries' brand. Our content team worked to refine their brand messaging and to establish their voice and tone via a brand persona questionnaire and brand discovery session.

The Result

When we presented the microsite and mini brand and content guides to Endries, they were thrilled! Our guides were the perfect remedy for a major pain point.

Because of this, they decided to hire Envano to redesign their entire website. We created a comprehensive brand guide by conducting an in-depth exploration of Endries to ensure brand consistency across multiple customer touchpoints and a content style guide to help elevate and unify the brand messaging. We continue our partnership with Endries today and look forward to serving them for years to come!