Hobart Brothers – Removing Digital Barriers From Great Products

Customer Experience

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Hobart Brothers is a trusted leader in the filler metals manufacturing industry. They have a rich history of offering their expertise and solution-based results to improve weld quality, productivity and efficiency savings for their customers.
To further their impact in their field, they partnered with our team at Envano to reach their marketing goals and grow their business.

The Challenge

Over the years, we have worked with companies that have great products but struggle to remove the barriers blocking the connection between them and their ideal customer. Other times we will partner with a client with a clear vision, big goals and a high ceiling, but a limited budget for marketing.

For Hobart Brothers, we found both to be true. Their website was outdated, not mobile-friendly, and their site search needed a major overhaul. These obstacles kept their customers from converting, and they had a limited budget to remedy this.

The Solution

At Envano, we love a challenge, so we took it on just like any other, one step at a time. Projects of this magnitude can take years, so at Envano, we use an incremental project process called a partnership agreement. We define key long-term objectives, goals and budgets and then break them down into monthly objectives, monthly goals and monthly budgets. This strategy allows the client to know what they’re getting in the long run, but breaks it into bite-size pieces or, as we refer to them, phases.

Partnership agreement

Phase One:

Make a Mobile-Friendly Website

To grow traffic, enhance accessibility and user experience, we updated the Hobart Brothers website to be responsive and added a mobile menu.

Site Search

One of their biggest challenges was when customers searched their site for products, they were only given content results. Our solution was to merge site search and product search so that both results appear.

Phase Two:

User Interface and Experience Optimization

With conversion goals, it is imperative to get inside the mind of the customer. Envano conducted a user experience audit and developed a strategy to enhance it.

Content Audit

To ensure clear messaging aligned with the heart and mission of the brand, our team took an in-depth look at the content throughout the website and improved it to reflect the caliber of the brand.

Search Engine Optimization

You can have the best website in the world, but if no one can find it, it’s useless. We optimized their keywords and overall online presence, ensuring they appear at the top of every search result they matched.

UI/UX audit

Phase Three:

Website Redesign

Part of our partnership agreement with Hobart Brothers included a refresh of their website. We focused on giving their website a modern look and feel, while honing in on the user experience first and foremost. Our team has overhauled most of the website as time and budget have allowed. One of the benefits of a partnership agreement through a website redesign is that the client gets a better-looking site sooner. Though it is not all finished simultaneously for one epic reveal, the client's audience has a better user experience faster.

Industry Pages

As part of our strategy to establish Hobart Brothers as a leader in the industry, our team developed a series of nine industry pages to showcase many unknown resources the company has to offer.



An important aspect of our partnership is our ongoing support through search engine optimization, content writing, social media content creation and digital advertising. We are focused on building their audience, engaging with current and prospective customers, and perfecting their brand persona.

Future Phases:

We look forward to our future phases with Hobart Brothers. On the horizon, we are excited to refresh their blog center and develop product and resource galleries and pages. We are confident that through our collaboration, we will position the brand as a premier source of filler metals to help their customers solve fabrication and repair issues.

The Result

Through our partnership over the years, we have seen Hobart Brothers grow into a leader in their field. We have helped them create a beautiful and compelling online presence to match their excellence in the industry. These updates have produced the following results in the first 12 months of the partnership:

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200% increase in mobile traffic

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23% increase in overall traffic

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10% decrease in homepage bounce rate

Our partnership with Hobart Brothers is ongoing and we are excited to continue that partnership for years to come; we will be right there for every challenge they may face. We are proud of the work we have done and know that with each project we are helping Hobart Brothers dominate their industry!